fresh water aquariums


With a freshwater aquarium EHEIM you decide on unclouded joy.

Our aquariums are customized with a special thick Floatglas without annoying frames and braces.

Diamond-polished, reflecting-welded edges, hermetic sealing and hidden across strengthening guarantee optimum security.

And a wide choice in aquarium designs and furniture designs with varied possible combinations opens elbowroom for every taste and every residential ambience.







ATTENTION, special order!  

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 aquarium combinations (fresh water)


Whether 126, 150, 180 or 240 liters volume, all is perfectly coordinated for this „all inclusive program“ consisting of aquarium with –EHEIM LED lighting, cabinet, filter, heater and biological filter media. You only have to think about fish and plants.    With the EHEIM proximaTEC you have the choice between three fully equipped beauties.    EHEIM incpiria – the aquarium combination with an avant-garde design. Classic beauty combined with simple elegance creates a subtle ambience in any modern living space. Technically perfect.


Unclouded view of the underwater world. Unadulterated, natural blaze of colour through purest panes of white glass. Transparent silicone and clean finish make seams hardly visible. Ideal for design of underwater landscapes.    Glas basins