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Light for life and sight

light architecture by EHEIM – optimally matching lighting concepts. Technically perfect. Safe and efficient.

good lighting is among the most important items of basic equipment in an aquarium.

In the case of aquarium combinations and complete sets, one or more fluorescent tubes will usually be integrated in the cover or hood.



powerLEDplus Befestigungsbuegel   classicLED

Beleuchtungs-Steuerung Zubehoer  VARILUX LED


powerLED - Solange Vorrat reicht  Dimmer_12V  powerLED spots - Solange Vorrat reicht 


T8/T5-fluorescent tubes

VARILUX Abdeckungen in Röhrentechnik  Abdeckungen für Aquarien-Sets (PD)  Einbauleuchten

T8-Leuchtstoffröhren T5-Leuchtstoffröhren