fluorescent lamp T8

fluorescent lamp T8

Optimised spare tubes T8 by EHEIM

With the improved T8 fluorescent lamps by EHEIM you also profit with older aquariums from our innovative light draught.

Today newer aquariums are mostly equipped with LED lighting or T5 fluorescent lamps.

If you did not like to convert and remain with the T8 standard, now we offer you our optimised spare tubes.

These optimised tubes provide by new special illuminants for better light achievement and good efficiency.

They offer more brightness, the chromatic circle is more exactly tuned, and the plant growth is optimally promoted.

There are two variations (freshpower daylight and freshpower plants) which you can also combine with each other.

And – the long service life let you a lot of time up to the next change.



optimized T8 fluorescent tubes by EHEIM

daylight T8  plants T8