chemical filtermasses


EHEIM TORFpellets and phosphateout

The pH of tap water is generally 7.3-7.8, which is slightly alkaline.

Most ornamental fish, however, require more acidic water - a pH below 7.0. EHEIM TORFpellets reduce the pH value and reduce the water hardness.

Phosphates are mainly caused by organic contamination of aquarium water (feed residues, excretions, etc.) and are responsible for algae growth.

EHEIM phosphateout binds the phosphate and removes it from the water cycle.


chemical filter media

EHEIM TORFpellets - Chemisch wirksamer Filtertorf senkt den pH-Wert und reduziert die Wasserhärte.  EHEIM phosphateout - Chemisch wirksamer Phosphatentferner hemmt das Algenwachstum