internal filters



Internal filters by EHEIM - Brilliantly flexible - brilliantly functional. And of excellent quality.

They save space and are extremely flexible.

EHEIM offers you different alternatives for aquariums from 45 to 260 liters:

All (except pickup) are modular and can be individually expanded or reduced.

All can be equipped with different filter media. Technically perfect devices of excellent quality, with reliable performance and long life.

And they work very quietly.



Unobtrusive, slim design - front water intake - connection for water outlet hose - completely equipped with original  EHEIM filter pad, ready to use - only 5 Watt power consumption   Small, good and very practical EHEIM pickup – the compact internal filter for small aquariums up to 160 l. Easy to use. Completely equipped and ready for use. Ideal for beginners.   All-round flexibility with spherical head EHEIM aquaball – the variable modular system with a spherical head. The outflow direction can be adjusted as required, the filter volume can be customised, different filter media can be used and it has much more besides…

As efficient as an external filter EHEIM biopower – the first internal filter with external filter technology and multi-layer filtration. It combines the flexibility of the EHEIM aquaball with the effectiveness of a compact external filter.   Full power with modular adaptability EHEIM PowerLine – the tried and tested internal filter for powerful  water circulation and intense oxygen enrichment. By using modules you can adjust the filter volume to your requirements.  Ideal for larger aquariums.   EHEIM aqua - The modular corner internal filter aquariums from 30 to 200 liters Complete with filter cartridges, infinitely adjustable 


EHEIM air filter  For quarantine and breeding tanks. Modular air filter for use with the EHEIM air pump or other aquarium air pumps.    EHEIM aquaCorner 60 – der Eck-Innenfilter für offene Klein-Aquarien von 10 bis 60 Liter. Er passt genau in die Ecke des Beckens und braucht wenig Platz. Ideal auch für Nano-Aquarien.