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EHEIM air400  

With this air pump we have managed to create a very quiet working pump.

There are 3 models with pump outputs of 100, 200 (2 x 100) and 400 (2 x 200) l / h,

The smallest model (3701) has one and the two larger models (3702-3704) each have two separately adjustable air outlets.

Correspondingly, one or two outlets by EHEIM are included in the delivery. The air volume can be adjusted per air outlet directly at the device, additionally at each vent.

So you can adjust the bubbly to taste and demand. Incidentally, vibration-inhibiting rubber anions also contribute to the rest. The air pump is quiet and does not "wander". Or you hang them on the wall. A flap is provided for this purpose. 


Advantages of the air pumps by EHEIM

  • 3 models, suitable for the usual aquarium sizes
  • Very quiet operation - Long life, best quality
  • Air volume per air outlet on the unit can be adjusted individually
  • Additional setting of air volume and bubble pattern at the diffuser

Fully equipped with:

  • Outflow: air pump 100 = 1x; Air pump 200, 400 each 2x
  • Air hose: air pump 100 = 1 m; Air pump 200, 400 each 2 m  (Diffuser also available separately as accessories)
  • Anti-vibration rubber grommets
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Outlet with interchangeable fleece (Klick 7400030

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air100airpump 100 by EHEIM, adjustable, including hose (1m) and 1 outflows

pump achievement 100 l/h

Old price 30.95 €
29.40 *
You save 5 %

delivery period appr. 2-4 days

EHEIM air200

air 200 by EHEIM, adjustable, including hose (2 m) and 2 outflows

pump achievement 200 l/h

Old price 35.95 €
34.15 *
You save 5 %

delivery period appr. 2-4 days


air 400 by EHEIM adjustable, including tube (2m) and 2x streamout

Pump achievement 400 l/h

Old price 40.95 €
38.90 *
You save 5 %

delivery period appr. 2-4 days

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