centrifugal pumps


In rooms and large aquariums, in garden ponds and breeding facilities - but also in water games, fountains and fountains: everywhere the pumps by EHEIM are used. 

Everywhere they move water, provide air and clear conditions. Whether it is a flow rate of 150 or 5000 l / h, to operate under water or outside, To fresh- or sea water: as varied as the requirements, so rich are the properties and offers.

The quality is what EHEIM promises: innovative technology, best materials, outstanding continuous power 






Kreiselpumopen compactON  Kreiselpumpen - compact  Kreiselpumpen -  compact +


Kreiselpumpen - compact+ marine        Kreiselpumpen - universal   Kreiselpumpen - universal 24VOLT


Kreiselpumpen - industrial 12V  Industriepumpen  Strömungspumpen - streamON +