UV cleaner

UV cleaner


With reeflexUV by EHEIM, you reduce microbial contamination and eliminate turbidity of the water better than ever before.

ReeflexUV is once again a typical innovation by EHEIM: the built-in reflector significantly increases the germicidal UV-C radiation.

And while in conventional UV clarifiers the water flows past detours at the UV-C burner, it takes the direct route in the clarifier.

This results in no loss of performance. You need less energy. And the efficiency is 1.8 times better.

 you should only use reeflexUV together with the filter to reduce small organisms (germs, algae spores etc.) in the aquarium.

There are 3 models for aquariums from 80 to 800 liters. 


Advantages of the reeflexUV by EHEIM 

- Reduces rapidly and effectively harmful germs and infectious swarmers of fish parasites in the water

- Removes opacity caused by algae or bacteria

- Internal high-gloss aluminum reflect the UV-C light and ensures particularly efficient sterilization

- Excellent results with low energy consumption (1.8-fold better effect compared to conventional UV clarifiers)

- No loss of performance as the water is not deflected by special construction

- Ideal also for rearing tanks, reduces the risk of infection

- Bound cleansing bacteria are retained in the filter, since only floating germs are detected

- Easy and safe handling and cleaning

- AUTO-OFF: automatic safety switch-off during lamp replacement

- Easy mounting with supplied bracket

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EHEIM reeflexUV 350  

UV-cleaner reeflexUV 350 (Removes algae, germs and bacteria)

for aquariums from 80 up to 350 l

Old price 104.95 €
99.70 *
You save 5 %

delivery period appr. 2-4 days

EHEIM reeflexUV 500

UV-cleaner reeflexUV 500 (Removes algae, germs and bacteria)

for aquariums of from 300 up to 500 l

129.95 *

delivery period appr. 2-4 days

EHEIM reeflexUV 800  

UV-cleaner reeflexUV 800 (Removes algae, germs and bacteria)

for aquariums of from 400 to up 800 l

Old price 157.95 €
151.95 *
You save 4 %

delivery period appr. 2-4 days

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