"MODUL" internal pond filter


internal pond filter MODUL 4000 by EHEIM - suitable for shallow waters

manual - MODUL 4000  spare part list MODUL 4000  year-3

With Modul 4000 by EHEIM you have a real allrounder for your pond: variable filter and fountain pump in one.

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5205020_Wasserspiel_1_0320  5205020_Wasserspiel_2_0320  5205020_Wasserspiel_3_0320

How big is your pond?  No matter.  The Modul 4000 by EHEIM consists of a pump and individual filter modules, which can be reduced or added as required depending on the size of the pond or fish stock.  So you can customize it. 

The Modul 4000 also has a separate controllable water outlet. So you can operate it in parallel as a fountain pump, create a stream or connect a UVC clarifier. 

And finally, it can also be easily hidden in shallow water. Because it is super flat and thanks to its neutral color it adapts inconspicuously to its surroundings.

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