"PRESS" external filters

Crystal clear pond water and healthy living conditions for plant and animal life. The innovative PRESS pressure filter by EHEIM combines maximum filter performance with ease of operation in a way that sets new standards. Thanks to the revolutionary backwash technology, the system can be effectively cleaned without opening the filter:

Simply turn the lever in the lid down and the water flows in the reverse direction,  cleaning  the filter as it goes. Why should you choose a pressure filter? The integrated pressure pump enables the supply of water to higher level streams but can also be used below the water level of your pond.



PRESS by EHEIM complete sets with pressure filter


PRESS7000 - for pond sizes: up to 7.000 l (without fishes), up to 3500 l (with fishes), up to 1.800 l (with kois)  PRESS10000 - for pond sizes: up to 10.000 l (without fishes), up to 5.000 l (with fishes), up to 2.500 l (with kois)