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patio pond - the attractive biotope for the terrace.  Enjoy the natural water atmosphere with the patio pond by EHEIM.  A small biotope - even without a garden.

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Water is good.  A pond calms, cools the air and looks fresh and alive.  Add a few aquatic plants - and the mini biotope is perfect. 

The patio pond by EHEIM is a so-called high pond.  It is simply placed where you can not or do not dig in the garden: on the terrace or roof terrace. 

Externally, the patio pond by EHEIM looks like an attractive piece of furniture.  The wooden paneling, open at the bottom, is used for lamination and as seating.  Under a flap hides a storage compartment for technology and accessories.  However, the centerpiece is the integrated water basin with a volume of 200 liters. 

The mini biotope is best planted with a few small-sized water and marsh plants.  To do this, first cover the soil with a few centimeters of well-washed gravel and place larger plants there.  Smaller marsh plants, on the other hand, place them in the plant basket on a pile of bricks in the water.  Finished. 

You will get the patio pond by EHEIM including pond pressure filter EHEIM PRESS7000 with high filter performance and exceptional ease of use (see technical data). 

You can also install a fountain pump for a fountain at any time.  For example the pump series PLAY by EHEIM.