NEW: life hacks

NEW: life hacks

We often receive emails with mostly valuable tips that result from the use (so-called life hacks), which complement the products of EHEIM meaningful or sometimes even better. 

Here we would like to offer a platform for this, so that these great advices of the EHEIM community will not be hidden anymore.




1 - Did you know that lubrication (with EHEIM special grease or EHEIM care spray) of the inner balls of the hose adapter of the professionel 3 (up to type 2075), professionel 3e, professionel 4+ and professionel 4 + e, considerably extend the service life of the hose connection?


2 - The EHEIM care spray is not only suitable for care and lubrication in the aquarium sector.  Even in the household, it is versatile.  The best: It is water neutral and absolutely non-toxic