About us

That's us ...

We are a small privately owned company with a shop in Bornholmer Straße, near the Bornholm Bridge.  The company was founded in 1973 by my father Franz and my mother Ulrike Hartmann. 

The emphasis has always been on aquarium and garden furniture technology.  Due to the direct connection to the market leader EHEIM, we are not only able to offer an exceptional service, but also have the appropriate knowledge in this area and keep every item of EHEIM in our own stock or in the plant warehouse, from which we can deliver within a short time.

Another pillar is industrial pumps, hospitals, photo labs. 

We are in direct connection to a manufacturer also. 

In 2006, a third division was added: pipe accessories made of plastic.  Because after the pump, the medium, if not through a hose, must be forwarded elsewhere.  So we see the tube accessories as a useful addition to our customers to offer complex solutions.