EHEIM waterrefill – intelligent automatic refill

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EHEIM waterrefill – the intelligent automatic refill, that remembers all details.

Especially important during holidays. For freshwater and seawater aquariums.

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With the automatic refill waterrefill by EHEIM you can keep your aquarium water always on a healthy level. For certain.

Water is permanently evaporating in aquariums without cover. However a lack of water is life-threatening for the aquarium inhabitants. Because harmful substances (like nitrate among others) and metabolic products concentrate in the water. And furthermore in marine water tanks the salinity increases (densitiy).

waterrefill by EHEIM refills the evaporated water automatically. For this purpose a sensor is permanently measuring the water level. You simply place the waterrefill by EHEIM outside on the glass pane of the aquarium – or in case of a marine water aquarium alternatively at the filter tank in the cabinet (sump). As soon as the water level sinks, the refill pump starts.
Thereby an intelligent controller monitors the refilling process and adapts the quantity of water to the needs and registers changes. In case of significant changes the refilling process will be stopped and like that nothing can happen.


Advantages of the automatic refill waterrefill by EHEIM

  • Automatic refilling of evaporated water.
  • Perfect during holidays.
  • The sensor with LED display is permanently measuring the water level.
  • Fastening of the sensor easily accessible outside of the glass pane of the aquarium – or in case of a marine water tank alternatively at the filter tank in the cabinet (sump).
  • Works with most common glass thicknesses 4 - 10 mm.
  • Intelligent controller with LED display regulates the refilling. It memorizes the filling quantity and the filling times and this way adapts the water quantity to the tank size and the changes (e.g. seasonal). 
  • Safety: In case of significant irregularities the refilling process will be stopped and this prevents an overflowing. 
  • Energy saving low voltage pump (12 v), maintenance-free when operating with ultrapure water (osmosis water).
  • Refilling tube and drainage elbow can be securely and easily attached to the aquarium using the holder (holder and clamp included)
  • All components are of high quality and work extremely reliable.
  • All required parts are included in the scope of delivery.
Unpack - assemble - plug in - switch on - running! 

EHEIM waterrefill

voltage 100-240 volts
Freshwater yes
Sea water yes

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