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For more than 50 years, EHEIM has defined success under water:

With the invention of the first external filter for home aquariums EHEIM has established a global market.

From this unique experience you can finally profit in your garden pond!


All products (Klick garden pond technology, Klick care products and Klick food) are easy to use and meet the latest requirements.

A so far unique warranty of 7 years shows the target:

Redefining standards in the garden pond. 


pond pumps

The ultra-compact, whisper-quiet pond pump makes elegant streams or bubbling waterfalls child's play.  Our ultra-compact fountain pumps from the PLAY series offer a variety of uses for the garden pond   EHEIM compactOUT is the suitable for outdoor use version of the compact pump compactON with a variety of uses for the garden pond


pond filters

Crystal clear pond water and best living conditions for plants and animals!  The 4-stage biological-mechanical process of our LOOP filter systems provides this in a natural way     Our innovative PRESS pressure filter systems combine maximum filter performance with ease of use that sets new standards


Weitere Teichtechnik

Sufficient oxygen is important for active fishes, living plants and biological processes in the pond.  Floating algae can cloud the pond water and pathogenic germs or bacteria threaten the fish.  The CLEARUVC product range provides a highly efficient solution in both cases  The EHEIM THERMO 200 prevents complete freezing down to -20 ° C and ensures that the digester gases can escape

The EHEIM sludge extractor is specially designed for the gentle cleaning of the pond bottom.  The performance is tuned to absorb dirt without disturbing the ground.


Ersatzteile und Zubehör

spare parts and accessories  accessories and filter masses  spare parts and accessories for the "old" garden pond series (up to 2017)



water care


Enjoy the natural water atmosphere with the EHEIM patio pond.  A small biotope - even without a garden.  catalogue