aquarium filters


 Here you will find aquarium  filters of all

kinds (hang on  filters, internal filters and

 external filters) by EHEIM.

 The subdivision has been made according to aquarium size


note: Do not set the filter size too close. The larger the filter volume the cleaning intervals will be extended.

These sides are under construction. At the moment, there are the german sides available, only. Sorry for unconvinience.












Anhängefilter - Innenfilter - Außenfilter

Aquarien_bis_zu_30_l     Aquarien_bis_zu_45_l     Aquarien_bis_zu_60_l

Aquarien_bis_zu_100_l     Aquarien_bis_zu_200_l_     Aquarien_bis_zu_300_l

Aquarien_bis_zu_400_l     Aquarien_bis_zu_500_l     Aquarien_bis_zu_600_l

Aquarien_bis_zu_700_l     Aquarien_ab_700_l