powerLED+ by EHEIM – the new generation of aquarium lighting. Perfectly balanced, individual light requirements for plants and fish - efficient, long-lasting and versatile for both fresh and marine water aquariums.,

The new powerLED+ by EHEIM is the perfect lighting for your aquarium

From the full spectrum of sunlight to white and / or actinic light – our new LED lamps cover the entire range. All spectrums are carefully balanced to support the growth of either plants or corals and to enhance the natural colours in the aquarium.  The LED’s can be adjusted to fit any aquarium by extending the brackets to the correct length or existing fluorescent tubes can be replaced with our LED by inserting the specially designed adapter into the existing light unit. quality by EHEIM – made in Germany.

Klick Here you find the flyer powerLED+ (PFD)







lighting for fresh water aquariums


powerLED_daylight_360_mm powerLED_daylight_487_mm powerLED_daylight_664_mm


powerLED_daylight_771_mm powerLED_daylight_953_mm powerLED_daylight_1074_mm


powerLED_daylight_1226_mm powerLED_daylight_1349_mm powerLED_daylight_1500_mm



powerLED_plants_360_mm-1 powerLED_plants_487_mm powerLED_plants_664_mm

powerLED_plants_771_mm powerLED_plants_953_mm powerLED_plants_1074_mm


powerLED_plants_1226_mm powerLED_plants_1349_mm powerLED_plants_1500_mm


power supplies, divider and adapters

power supply 20 watts for powerLED+  power supply 40 watts for powerLED+  power supply 62 watts for powerLED+  power supply 80 watts for powerLED+  

power supply 130 watts for powerLED+  power supply 180 watts for powerLED+  divider (Y-piece) for powerLED+

adapter daylight for LEDcontrol+ for series before 17xx5  adapter plants for LEDcontrol+ for series before 17xx5


lighting control

lighting control LEDcontrol for powerLED+  lighting control LEDcontrol+ for powerLED+



Adapter-Set for T5/T8 double rope suspension for powerLED+ mounting for powerLED+ rope suspension for powerLED+