"LOOP" external filters


Crystal clear pond water and best living conditions for plants and animals.

The 4-stage biomechanical process of the EHEIM LOOP filter system provides a natural way:

It leads water fully automatically through several filter layers as well as the integrated UVC clarifier before it flows back again

without algae and dirt particles into the pond. All components are perfectly matched and extremely easy to maintain: 

Connect - Switch on - Enjoy




Advantages of the LOOP by EHEIM :

  • Complete kit ready for installation
  • Integrated Klick PLAY or Klick FLOW energy saving pump
  • New spray arm for the optimal distribution of the pond water on the fitting media
  • Including original filter media by EHEIM for EHEIM clear water guarantee (according to the EHEIM guarantee conditions)
  • 7 years warranty


EHEIM LOOP complete set including UV-clarifier


LOOP5000 - for pond sizes: up to 5.000 l (without fishes), up to 2.500 l (with fishes), up to 1.300 l (with Kois)  LOOP7000 -  - for pond sizes: up to 7.000 l (without fishes), up to 3.500 l (with fishes), up to 1.800 l (with Kois)

LOOP10000 -  - for pond sizes: up to 10.000 l (without fishes), up to 5.000 l (with fishes), up to 2.600 l (with Kois)  LOOP15000 -  - for pond sizes: up to 15.000 l (without fishes), up to 7.500 l (with fishes), up to 3.900 l (with Kois)