Adsorptive filter masses


adsorptive filter masses are materials which take away from the water injurious substances and take up them or bind. 

Besides, it is, e.g., about chlorine from the tap water, around rests of drugs or about tracks of cleaning agents, pesticides, colorings etc.

advise: Use adsorptive filter media only few weeks. Because the pollutants only stick, they will be detached after some time and will be transported back in the water.

  • At least a regular exchange is necessary.
  • Adsorptive filtering is ordinarily only in the early stage of the aquarium or after the application of medicine.




adsorptive filter media

EHEIM KARBON - Filterkohle für klares Aquariumwasser – besonders bei Neueinrichtung  EHEIM AKTIV - Aktive Filterkohle mit hohem Wirkungsgrad – besonders nach Medikamentenbehandlung