Varilux (LED)

EHEIM Varilux-Abdeckungen mit LED-Technologie  

Quality aquarium covers variluxLED for aquarium widths from 80 to 120 cm

variluxLED cover by EHEIM has all what your aquarium needs on top. Are you looking for a new aquarium cover?

The variluxLED by EHEIM would be a good choice because of its many advantages:

It is suitable for most standard tank sizes (not only aquariums by EHEIM) and the integrated LED lighting is both economical and efficient.

The light strip can be easily moved for maintenance work and the aluminum composite sliding covers can be opened from both ends.

Air flow is maintained through caf (constant air flow) technology, preventing condensation and heat accumulation and the openings for cables and hoses are neatly concealed in the flat cover.

The variluxLED by EHEIM is available in either black or white – and looks very good in both.



aquarium covers variluxLED

variluxLED80   variluxLED 100   variluxLED120

Further advantages of the aquarium cover variluxLED by EHEIM:

  • Removable cover with LED light unit
  • Suitable for standard tank sizes 80 x 35 / 100 x 40 and 120 x 40 (not only aquariums by EHEIM)
  • Intergrated classicLED strip daylight by EHEIM, freely movable (can be extended at any time by a further LED strip)
  • Integrated, free moving (sliding) classicLED daylight strip by EHEIM (light can be increased with an additional LED strip)
  • The light colour (6500 K) is similar to daylight (sunrise and sunset can be simulated when the light is connected to a dimmer*) (*Dimmer is not included.)
  • High energy efficiency: The LED lights have an average service life of  35000 hours
  • caf (constant air flow) technology, developed by EHEIM, guarantees air circulation and prevents condensation and heat accumulation
  • Sliding panes made from aluminum composite
  • Hose and cable openings are neatly concealed in the back
  • Flat design – only 8.5cm high